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System Design Weekly 016: July 2021

Highlights DoorDash: Building Faster Indexing with Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch The DoorDash team faced an issue of a very long time for updating the search index. They’ve built a search system relying on open source technologies. It uses Kafka as a message queue and for data storage, Flink for data transformation, and sending data to Elasticsearch. A reliable indexing system would ensure that changes in stores and items are reflected in the search index in real-time.

System Design Weekly 004: March 2021

Highlights Aurora: Payment Acquiring Solution with CockroachDB on Kubernetes Aurora is the company that handles credit card payments. Such transactions should work all the time, be consistent and scalable. That’s why they migrate from PostgreSQL to CockroachDB: eventual consistency is not an option in this business. CockroachDB guarantees serializable transactions. This blog post describes higher level architecture of the solution. Tech stack: .NET Core C#, ReactJS, CockroachDB. Key takeaways. Hybryd-Cloud: Google Cloud + 2 co-location, never be 100% cloud or 100% private, hence no vendor lock, better availability if certain cloud provider goes down.