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Follow up on Serverless Frameworks

I’ve received incredible feedback on my last week’s blog post Amazon API Gateway with Lambda is the Next Generation of Web Frameworks. As Adrian Mace suggested, there is a new Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool from Amazon, called AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit). I missed this awesome tool. To quote Adrian: “CDK allows you to define your infrastructure using imperative languages like TypeScript, Python, or Golang with the full powers that those languages can provide, and then ‘compiles down’ into Cloudformation templates upon deploy/synth.

How I Migrated this Site to Cloudflare

I’ve migrated my website from GitHub Pages to Cloudflare Pages. I’ve also moved my domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare. I have already used Cloudflare Web Analytics instead of Google Analytics. The reasoning behind this is following: Cloudflare Web Analytics. I didn’t like the idea of Google tracking my website visitors. Google Analytics sets a cookie. This probably means that such sites need to put that annoying cookie disclaimer that the EU came up with (out of good intentions, of course).

Amazon API Gateway with Lambda is the Next Generation of Web Frameworks

A short history of web frameworks What is a web framework? A web framework is a set of tools for the rapid development of server-side applications that provides a boilerplate to simplify the implementation of common tasks. According to MDN, those tasks are routing URLs to appropriate handlers, interacting with databases, supporting sessions and user authorization, formatting output (e.g. HTML, JSON, XML), and improving security against web attacks. The most popular web frameworks are Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Express, Laravel.

Python Best Practices for a New Project in 2021

Intro The goal of this tutorial is to describe Python development ecosystem. It can be helpful for someone coming to Python from another programming language. They say that you should stick to algorithms and data structures, that you can learn a new language in just a couple of weeks, that it’s just a new syntax. I completely agree that algorithms and data structures are extremely important but when it comes to language it’s slightly more than just syntax.