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System Design Weekly 013: June 2021

Highlights Learn how Dream11, the World’s largest fantasy sports platform, scale their social network with Amazon Neptune and Amazon ElastiCache Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that has social network features. The team evaluated different graph database solutions for the social network service and chose Amazon Neptune after a load/stress PoC. Dream11 is already operating within AWS infrastructure so including a fully managed graph DB into the VPC was one of the factors.

System Design Weekly 006: April 2021

Highlights GitHub: How we scaled the API with a sharded, replicated rate limiter in Redis GitHub API has a limit on API calls per key. Such keys were stored in Memcached along with their reset_at value and number of calls. Memcached was also used for application caching purposes. Such a solution works well but harder to scale. It was decided to have one Memcached per datacenter, in which case clients can face some issues if requests hit different datacenters.