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System Design Weekly 008: May 2021

Highlights DoorDash: Optimizing OpenTelemetry‚Äôs Span Processor for High Throughput and Low CPU Costs With an effort to migrate from the monolith to microservices, there is a need to trace requests between these services. OpenTelemetry is a new project aiming to become a standard. As a request hits a system, OpenTelemetry assigns a unique ID, all the underlying services (called spans) receive the same ID. Spans data is being collected on a local collector, then it’s sent to a collector gateway.

System Design Weekly 004: March 2021

Highlights Aurora: Payment Acquiring Solution with CockroachDB on Kubernetes Aurora is the company that handles credit card payments. Such transactions should work all the time, be consistent and scalable. That’s why they migrate from PostgreSQL to CockroachDB: eventual consistency is not an option in this business. CockroachDB guarantees serializable transactions. This blog post describes higher level architecture of the solution. Tech stack: .NET Core C#, ReactJS, CockroachDB. Key takeaways. Hybryd-Cloud: Google Cloud + 2 co-location, never be 100% cloud or 100% private, hence no vendor lock, better availability if certain cloud provider goes down.

System Design Weekly 001: March 2021

Highlights Reddit: Scaling Reporting Reddit had an ad analytics system that aggregated data per ad ID and per day. This data was stored in Redis as a Thrift object. This works well if an advertiser wants to see analytics for a given day. However, looking up stats per range of dates means that application had to get every value for every date in the range of dates, deserialize Thrift dictionaries, which is also a CPU intensive operation.