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System Design Weekly 002: March 2021

Highlights Cloudflare: The benefits of serving stale DNS entries when using Consul Cloudflare faced an issue with long latencies for DNS responses in certain parts of the world. In addition DNS over TLS is also a factor. They use Unbound as a DNS resolver. For a better failover, they set 30 seconds TTL for such responses. There are two options to solve this problem. The first is prefetching. This means that on each request TTL is checked.

System Design Weekly 001: March 2021

Highlights Reddit: Scaling Reporting Reddit had an ad analytics system that aggregated data per ad ID and per day. This data was stored in Redis as a Thrift object. This works well if an advertiser wants to see analytics for a given day. However, looking up stats per range of dates means that application had to get every value for every date in the range of dates, deserialize Thrift dictionaries, which is also a CPU intensive operation.

Python Best Practices for a New Project in 2021

Intro The goal of this tutorial is to describe Python development ecosystem. It can be helpful for someone coming to Python from another programming language. They say that you should stick to algorithms and data structures, that you can learn a new language in just a couple of weeks, that it’s just a new syntax. I completely agree that algorithms and data structures are extremely important but when it comes to language it’s slightly more than just syntax.